The Strength Of A Woman


With each passing year I like to reflect over my life in order to take a stock of my growth, asking myself, what lessons have I learned so far? What always stands out is the experience of the magnitude of the strength that lies within me.


I have been thinking about the strength of a woman, and how God has equipped us with unsurmountable, unending strength.


It’s not a physical strength, it’s a strength that is unexplainable, it’s a strength that you cannot acquire from going to the gym multiple days of the week working out on any of the machines. It’s a strength that even men see in us and speak about if we listen attentively. Some men are very fearful of that strength, but then you have others who are very supportive of what they see.


We as women have been gifted with a surplus of strength that makes it possible to withstand any circumstance we may come across in life, those storms that will try and knock us down or take us out.


I have been through many storms in my life, and I have experienced this strength, this strength that won’t let you call it quits, give up, or give in, throw in the towel as they would say, even when you desperately want to do so.


I have seen this strength not only in myself, but in countless women all over the world, some that I know personally, and others that are far away, or those whom I have never met. One thing that’s familiar in all of us, that I recognize, is the strength that lies within us.


In the Bible it speaks of the wife being honoured as the weaker vessel. Over the years I have heard sermons focusing on the word “weaker.” Yes, physically we maybe weaker, but we are stronger in many other areas.


I believe we have entered an era that finds women coming more and more alive, “woke” to the realization of the weight of the strength that lies within each one of us, but also the importance of using the weight of that strength for the empowerment of other women, supporting each other, building each other up, being our sisters keeper, and not stopping there, but also supporting others around us, being that ripple effect in making this world a much better place to live in.


My grandmother had a special strength about her, and I am sure she saw that strength in her mother. That strength has been passed on to my mother, which has been passed on to her daughters. I have seen that strength also in my daughter, and now I am privileged to see that same strength residing in my granddaughter who is only two years of age. I “see” her. I am very encouraged for the next generation of women.


I am extremely hopeful for our future daughters and granddaughters as we as women have been rising up more and more each day to exercise the strength that lies within us. We are unstoppable because of that strength.


There have been countless women who have gone on before us, trailblazers preparing the path ahead for us to walk on being fearless. Let’s continue to make them proud in paving the way for the next generation of women following after us.



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