My Best Friend

Most of us have someone we consider our best friend, or maybe desire to have a best friend. A best friend is a person you can trust, rely upon, always has your back, your ride or die, who is always there for you, who you stand in agreement with, and sometimes you may not, but it’s a special person in your life.


For years since my life was turned around with Jesus coming to my rescue, I developed a relationship with Him, which placed Him in first place as my best friend, and this relationship is still on going each day.


There came a time when I realized that even though I have an external best friend there was an importance, a need for me to be a best friend to myself. Besides God Who created me, and knows me more than I know myself, I am the only one next in line who should know more about myself, and want the very best for me. Who better to be my best friend than me? I am always with myself, and if I’m in tune with my thoughts, and emotions who better to have an understanding of  what I am going through than me?


A lot of us look outside ourselves for that friend who can counsel us, make us laugh, spend time with us, and help us through our highs, and lows in this life. Each one of us owe it to our self to be our best friend. I think we need to do this first before looking outside ourselves for someone to take up that role.


In my book I wrote about that season in my life when I discovered I enjoyed being by myself, whether it was taking a walk on the trails around me, going by the water, and finding a rock to sit on for some quiet time, maybe watching a movie at home, or in the theatre (yes I have gone to the theatre to watch a movie by myself, and loved it) I truly enjoy my own company. I think we would all be so much more joyful if we got to spend more quality time alone getting to know our self as an individual. It is certainly not a selfish thing to do, if anything I think it would be of great gain, and value to our society. Those in our society who look outside themselves first, seeking validation from others, this would truly be beneficial for them.

You, as your best friend could be the second to God’s validation of yourself, which is all you need, even when the world is crying out to you, that you need the validation of others around you.

I encourage you to only entertain those things that bring laughter, joy, and peace to your heart, and dismiss those things that don’t, like a best friend would advise you to. Take time out often to be alone, to love on yourself, get to know yourself better, you may discover some new things you never knew before, and love it!

Be your best friend by handling yourself with lots of care, it is in doing this, that you are setting a standard for how you must be treated by those who get to come along beside you on this journey of life.


What are you doing to be your best friend?




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