Matters Of The Heart

In the movie Titanic, one of the character says “A woman’s heart is a deep ocean” I have to agree. There are many secrets thoughts that goes on in a woman’s heart.


In the Bible it says “ above all else to guard your heart” to watch over it with all diligence, because everything you do flows from it.


I am one of many women I know who are experiencing matters of the heart issues. Why is that? Is it because we as women are passionate about what goes on in our lives? Is it because we love hard, and our love runs deep for anyone who is privileged to come across it? Is it the times that we are living in? I don’t think so, this has been taking place since the beginning of time. I view matters of the heart as growing pains.


Those issues that are precious, and close to our heart, such as, a teenage son or daughter whose character change and actions have been challenging every fibre of your being, that has you wondering where did my sweet obedient child go?.


Your heart issue could be your children growing up, and moving away from home, which finds you having mixed feelings. On one hand you are happy they are happy, and living independently on their own, but deep down inside, secretly your heart aches, because you are terrified for them being away from home, out of sight, and maybe they aren’t making what you think are good choices or decisions for their lives.


Another heart matter could be finding yourself at a crossroad in your life about your career choice, not knowing which direction you should take, a place you thought you had surpassed many years ago, but now you find yourself not content where you are.


Maybe you are dealing with the effects of a painful divorce, or dealing with a uncomfortable situation with a family member. You could be experiencing heart issues with a love interest, friendship, or relationship, that has your heart flipping and flopping all over the place, which has you asking yourself “should this person be in or out of my life?”


Matters of the heart such as these are the kinds of issues that can make us do some crazy things, that can turn our lives upside down, and when the dust has settle, they can leave us in a state where we will be better because of them, or worst, or even yet, they may destroy us. I pray not the latter for you.


I have come across women dealing with matters of the heart issues. Their hurts, pain, and at times confusion are real. My heart hurts for those facing matters of the heart issues, because of the pain they bring, and sometimes they can go on for years. These women are from all walks of life, from different ethnicity, which proves to me that matters of the heart issues have no respect about crossing boundaries.


As a woman who has reached a certain stage in my life, I have been experiencing those heart issues. My thoughts have been “What direction is my life going in?” “What am I receiving from my relationships, are they adding or subtracting from my life?” “Are they bringing toxicity or are they being a good influence?” “What’s bringing joy to my soul?” (not happiness, there is a difference between the two).


At this stage in my life I certainly don’t want to be wasting any time, idling or in park. I want to be making a positive influence in the lives of those I am blessed to interact with each day. I want to have joy and peace at the place where I find myself, doing what my purpose is in life. I don’t want to be that person that looks back over my life in my old age, and have any regrets about those things I had never started or accomplished.


With God’s help I am confident it will all fall into place, as I keep on walking forward with my heart open for change. No doubt some adjustments, and re-arrangements will be needed, to obtain the desired outcome I am seeking after. We can choose to push back against change because of fear, or welcome it with excitement, optimism and open arms. I believe change comes along at the exact time when it’s needed.


The issues of our heart can make us or break us. I pray you’ll choose to allow them to make you, mature and build you up. Make whatever changes that are needed and necessary, even when they feel uncomfortable, and take you out of your comfort zone. Let your heart issues be teachable moments for your life, and keep on moving forward guarding your heart.


What is/are your matter/s of the heart issues ?



  • Jennifer

    Thank you for sharing this!

    December 7, 2019 at 12:11 am
  • Elaine Grant

    Thank you for your comment Jennifer, it is my pleasure to share.

    December 7, 2019 at 3:09 pm

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