Leaving Guilt and Shame Behind


For the longest time in my life, it seemed as though brokenness and pain was all I knew.


There was a process I had to go through to leave guilt, and shame behind that I felt from the past events in my life.


One of the things I had to do was come face to face with the shame, and guilt that I felt from having been molested, working in the sex industry, promiscuity and having an addiction to drugs and alcohol.


I had to make the decision that I was not going to take guilt and shame along with me into my destiny, no! They had been on my life journey for far too long.


They had entered into my life without my permission, and they were definitely staying longer than they should have. They were robbing me of too many precious moments I could have enjoyed over the years, therefore they had to be thrown out!


I made up in my mind, and by God’s Grace, and help, that I was no longer going to continue to give or allow shame and guilt to have any place to hide in my life. They were not my weight to carry anymore. The lies that each one spoke to me was overwhelming.


Looking back now, I am extremely grateful for the place where I stand, a place where I haven been liberated to walk in freedom not inhibited by shame and guilt, a place where I will no longer be easily shaken.


If you have experienced or have been experiencing guilt or shame about yourself or your life, know that you can overcome them. There is outside help available, but more importantly, you have the power within you to get rid of them! You don’t have to live with shame and guilt anymore.


What are you doing to set yourself free from guilt and shame?



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