I Got You! I’m Right Here!


Recently, I came across Grey’s Anatomy as I flicked the TV on after returning home from my evening shift at work. At first, I wasn’t sure what show I was watching, but after a few minutes I caught on. I must admit it had been many years since I had seen an episode.


This episode was focused on a woman who had been violently sexually assaulted. It was full of compassion and empathy, and another important message that was added, was a conversation between a father and his son about the importance of him paying attention to the girl that he was with, respecting what comes out of her mouth when interacting with her despite his own desires.


Watching the scenes of the assaulted woman brought a flow of tears. It was real and relatable. I’m sure it will hit close to home and resonate for other survivors of sexual assault as well.


The woman was strongly supported by the hospital staff all the way through her process after the fact, from the moment she entered the hospital.


Unfortunately, most sexual abuse individuals don’t have people behind them to give the support needed after such a major trauma. The first thought from the individual who had been sexually assaulted is usually “no one will believe me!” The belief that no one will believe you after a sexual assault is a reality that women face. Most do not report it.


The woman having been told that she would need to have surgery due to the extent of her injuries to her body, was terrified, and fearful to leave the hospital room. She did not want to have any contact with any males, because of her assault, so what do they do? They lined the hallway with female nurses, doctors, orderlies etc. to give her the security she needed, as she passed by carried on a hospital bed to surgery.


What a powerful scene! Seeing those women of different ethnicities, age, build, etc. standing there in agreement in solidarity saying “We got you!” “We are here for you, you are not alone in this!” Wow! There is safety in numbers. It was a very powerful scene, one that struck me to the core.


Sexual abuse is a sensitive issue, and the producer, director, cast, and crew, everyone involved did an incredible job in bringing it to light in this episode.


Healing after sexual assault is different for everyone. Each individual who has been assaulted should be supported. Women must continue to support each other in every way, which is not the norm. I loved the displayed of support that was shown in this episode. Every woman deserves that kind of treatment.


A group of women, a couple of female friends having comradery with each other is so needed and very important.


I love listening to another woman sharing what’s on her heart, or an experience with me. The bond I feel is incredible, not to mention what I often learn from them.


I am happy to be around to see us as women with a changed mindset, empowering each other through comradery to end the period in our history of jealousy, being judgmental, and having that distance between each other, but instead realizing how much better we are together.


What are you doing to empower another woman?



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