I am a cracked pot, are you?


Have you ever heard that expression before? I know, it’s not every day you come across someone who openly confesses to be a cracked pot, but today I am.


I have never been called a cracked pot, not to my face anyways, but I have heard people say, that person is a “crack pot” referring to someone else.


When you are referred to as a cracked pot, it comes with some sort of negative connotation. What they are saying is that the person that they are referring to doesn’t have it all together, they are foolish in their behaviour.


In referring to myself as a cracked pot I’m not saying I’m a foolish person, but instead I think of myself as a pot that is being cracked open over and over again in multiple areas for a greater purpose.


I am sure if any pot that has had repeated blows applied to it could speak, it would say that each crack represented or has a significant meaning. That each moment that a blow was applied, causing it to crack, brought pain along with unsettling emotions, and surmounting feelings of being uncomfortable.


To the naked eye the pot will look like damaged goods after too many cracks has been added to it, but to the eyes that are viewing the pot with understanding, you will see that each crack was opening up the pot revealing what’s really going on inside.


It’s not everything that is going to be revealed that will be pleasing to the eye at first glance, but if you keep looking, greater more beautiful things will be revealed that would’ve been hidden otherwise if not for the blows that led to the cracks, that cause the openings.


Each day as I continue to take steps on this journey of my life I’m realizing and understanding even more so the purpose for the many cracks in my pot, which has caused my many imperfections to be dealt with by God.


I know the end result will be that the light that He has placed in me will shine forth brighter, and with greater radiance as He intended it to be.


The many blows that God allows us to experience in our lives is all for a greater purpose. Don’t allow your many blows and cracks, that may make you feel like you are damaged goods, keep you from having your greater purpose from being revealed.


Are you being cracked open?



  • Jennifer

    I thought this article was definately relatable and encouraging.

    September 25, 2019 at 12:36 am

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