Books By Elaine Grant

She’s Still Standing

The author candidly shares her journey from exotic dancer to Bible college graduate. She’s Still Standing tells a story of hopelessness and redemption and illustrates the capability to overcome any situation.

“My hope and prayer is that my book will be the answer to someone’s prayer, that God will put my book into the right hands at the right time to prevent a mistake, solve a problem, help make a decision, plant a seed, prompt a prayer, and inspire a dream.” — Elaine Grant


No One’s Hands

No One’s Hands is written to be an educational book to raise awareness of child sexual abuse. It was written with children, parents, and caregivers in mind to use as a helpful tool to create healthy dialogue surrounding unwanted, and uncomfortable touching. Often we speak to our children about stranger danger, but we must also have conversations about the individuals they are in contact with on a regular basis who may cause them harm.

No One’s Hands normalizes conversations with children about private body parts, body secrets, and boundaries. These discussions will allow your child to feel comfortable to share anything that makes them feel uncomfortable and empower them to say “no!” Written for children all over the world, this book will empower them along with parents, and caregivers to recognize the early warning signs of a potential sexual predator.