She’s Still Standing

Own your insecurities and conquer them. Gain power, confidence and move forward from anything.

About Elaine

Elaine Grant is an author, and transformational speaker, who embraces the concept of owning your truth. She has served as a mentor, leader, and is passionate in speaking life into the next generation. She knows the journey from youth to adulthood can be challenging. Elaine’s desire is to keep reaching out to the youths of today. Her top priority is to bring love, healing, hope, and inspiration wherever she goes to speak. Elaine believes each youth needs a mentor, someone who will help them on their journey of life. She knows supporting the youths will be valuable, along with encouraging them to never give up on themselves, or their dreams, no matter what obstacles they may face on their way to a successful life.

She’s Still Standing

A Journey of Transformation
Elaine Grant shares her story of how pain planted on us from others can walk us down a path of destruction and eventual hopelessness. She illustrates the capability to overcome any situation, find confidence, faith and motivation while acknowledging how those knockouts are character and strength builders for our next level.

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